After the war ended between Pakistan & India in 1965 – After few months an old man was found sitting in Madina Munawara beside the Grave of Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alaihi wasallam. This Pakistani was the father of Martyr who served Quetta Infantry School as Instructor Major Ziauddin Abbasi (Sitar e Jurrat).

Major Abbasi was shot by a bomb fired by an Indian army tank and he died but saved many lives.
When his father met Gen Ayub khan and awarded his son with the Medal of Sitar e Jurrat he asked if he has any will on which as request to perform Umrah, which was full-filled immediately and all arrangements were made for his departure. When the Father of Martyr was sitting in Front of Grave of Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alaihi wasallam and crying suddenly a servant of Mosque arrived and inquired if there is any one from Pakistan on which Major father said yes I am from Pakistan.

The servant ask if he know Major Ziauddin ? on which he replied yes I am father of Martyr Ziauddin, the servant of Mosque Muhammad sallallahu alaihi wasallam greed him with happiness and hugged him and kisses his hands and ask him to stay here un-till he comes back. Then he took the Major father to his home and and give all due respect hand kisses his hands and served food along with his family members. Father of Major Zia is still confused and have several questions running in his mind that why the Arab man is giving him so much respect though he don’t know them at all ?
Suddenly the Respected Servant of Grave of Prophet Muhammed sallallahu alaihi wasallam again kisses his hand with respect and start telling him about the dream he saw.He told him that when the War was on going b/w India & Pakistan on night of 11th September I saw a dream in which Our Beloved Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alaihi wasallam was sitting among the Sahaba radhiallahu anhu and in few minutes Hazrat Ali radhiallahu anhu came’s in carrying the dead body of Major Ziauddin and informing RasoolAllah sallallahu alaihi wasallam that Zia has fought just like we fought against the Kafirs in our times. and soon they all Performed his Namaz e Janaza (The Last Prayers) and Rasool Allah Salalahoalihiwasalam ordered to buried him in Riazul Jannah.

On the same day on Radio Pakistan this song was on aired

Chalay jo hogay Shahdat ka Jam pi kar tum
Rasool e Pak nay haatho mai lay lia ho ga
Ali Tumhari Shahdat per jhoomtey ho gay
Hussain Pak nay ye Irshad kia ho ga
Aaye Rah e Huq kay Shaheedo
Tumheh Khuda ki Raza e Salam Kehti hai

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Independence Day

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Festivals on different occasions are celebrated differently in all part of the world. People celebrate their festive’s according to their customs – cultural – religious beliefs.

How ever there is one point where all the nations get united when any country celebrates its National or Independence Day and get same kind of patriotic feeling across on the same time.

Since the birth till the last breath love for the soil is always keep growing in every soul. Men Women Children teens young old – any religion you belong too each individual has its own way of love for the country and they are ready to sacrifice everything for the beloved land.

I always think why this love never change nor it gets weak even if someone is away from home for a quite a while, instead the love has grown when you are away and your thoughts are always keeping you focused towards your country and you work hard and hard to get back where you belong too.

The answer of this thoughts is easy yet hard to believe and we can only feel &  can not explain this one sided love which God has kept in core of our heart.
This feeling grows by the span of time when we start realizing what we experience through out the life.

The essential of our presence is our identity which actually given by the country where we belong too & this is the main reason which keep the love tree growing & the fruits are present in all seasons.
No matter  what is the situation, we are always been ready to do everything to keep the beloved land fertile even if we have to pour blood in the soil.

The Flag of the country must be waving all the time, the sun always been shining and never sets.
Rich- poor-strong or weak we all stand together to defend and to fight all the evil hands come toward us.
We are one Nation and our aim is clear we will serve the country faithfully help each other in hard times.
We have shown the solidarity is the past and we are always ready prove this again and again.

And that’s why we love our beloved country our Pakistan, which gives us freedom in all manner.

Freedom is a big blessing and we thank’s Allah a million times for this freedom and given such a beautiful country where we have all four season & have sea – river – lakes – mountains – Jungles & deserts. Many natural resources to let the people enjoy the nature at its peak.

We are Thankful to Allah for giving us opportunity to serve the country which is made in His name & we pray that our all deeds strengthen our country and give us Unity Faith and Discipline Ameen.

Pakistan Zindabad




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